Make a Wish Day at Keeneland

Every now and then, we can’t help but get down on ourselves. Wednesday was one of those days for me. I was annoyed, unmotivated and lack-luster. For the life of me, I can’t remember why. I’m sure it was something trivial.

Later that day, I had the honor of participating in the Make a Wish Day at Keeneland. Kids and their families were treated like big-time horse industry folks, and I got to hang out with them all day. Pretty sweet gig, huh?

The children were beautiful. I mean really beautiful. Sweet, innocent, unassuming, welcoming and downright angelic.

Within minutes of meeting these kids, my trivial problems were forgotten. To say I did the same for them would be arrogant of me – especially since they didn’t need my help at all. Their positive look at life, even with all their darkness, is awe-inspiring.

I’m so thankful they let me intrude on their special day. The pictures don’t do it justice – but these kids were incredible.

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