Just for Fun

Snail Mail > Digital Mail

I am a big time advocate of the hand-written thank you note. I love monogrammed stationery from retailers like Erin Condren and the new line of May Notes from Maybooks! I’m sure you appreciate a thank you email…but doesn’t it mean that much more that the person took the time to put pen-to-paper and stick a stamp on an old-fashion piece of paper? I think it does.

I love Thank You Thursday – especially throughout the month of November. But instead of posting it to your Facebook status or Twitter, (or in addition to), make your feelings more permanent. Here’s a fun way to do it –

Snail Mail My Email! It’s a super cool site that for this week only (until Sunday) will accept your emails – and make them into snail mail. All for fun!

Just send an email to SnailMailMyEmail2@gmail.com (100 words max)…they’ll take care of the rest! And don’t forget to include a request for something extra… options listed below.

  • – Doodle
  • – Flower petal
  • – Spray of perfume
  • – Lipstick kiss
  • – Coffee stain
  • – Suggest your own

Although Snail Mail My Email is only offering this promotion until Sunday, make it a habit to be thankful —and show it — via the magic of the postman.

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