Bourbon, baby!


I’ve been to a few bourbon distilleries since living in Kentucky – but it’s always been for a news story…never actually just for fun. But when friends came to visit last week – we rented a bus and took a trip to Marion County to tour the Maker’s Mark distillery! It’s a hike to get there from Lexington, but all good things are worth waiting for.

What an awesome experience. Even if you aren’t a bourbon drinker, it’s still interesting.


From beginning to end – you get the inside scoop on how the delicious golden nectar is made. And at Maker’s Mark – you even get to taste the bourbon at the beginning – at 130 proof. Let me just tell you – it will make your nostrils tingle. But, it’s surprisingly smooth. At the end of the tour, the tasting. You get 3 glasses of bourbon, a class on how to taste and what you are tasting, and of course the delicious chocolate-covered bourbon ball.

In thegift shop – if you buy a bottle of bourbon, you get to dip it yourself in the red wax!

Next time you’re in the Bluegrass, do yourself a favor and take a tour! Can’t make it to Kentucky? You can take a virtual tour here. 

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