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Nikki Burdine of LEX 18 – Lexington KY Social Media Anchor of the Year

Nikki Burdine has been on the upswing as a celebrity in Lexington, KY. It all started with her debut on Lex 18 News and people in the Bluegrass have been fans since she did her first story. She has also achieved some fantastic Social Media Success in Lexington, KY which can be seen with the way she leads Lexington Social Media in Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.Congratulations to Nikki Burdine for having a YouTube with 138,939 views!! That is almost Three Times more than her TV Station, LEX 18′s YouTube Views at 53,179. That is what it looks like to lead Lexington, Kentucky in Social Media Journalism or as she calls it #Twanchoring.

Not only is Nikki Burdine leading the charge in Lexington Social Media, Lex18 Social Media and Lexington, KY On-Air Social Media but she created a hashtag, #Twanchoring, which she tweets in-between shots while reporting or anchoring.

Nikki Burdine YouTube :

Congratulations to Nikki Burdine of LEX 18 for taking the prize this year! If there were a Lexington, KY Social Media TV Station Anchor Award you would get it hands down. Big credit to LEX18 for the vision to support and invest in their anchors and reporters to be so active in Lexington, KY Social Media.

Check Nikki out on her other Social Media Channels

Nikki Burdine Facebook :

Nikki Burdine Twitter :

Nikki Burdine Tumblr :

Nikki Burdine YouTube :


Check out LEX 18′s Social Media Channels

LEX 18 Facebook :

LEX 18 Titter :

LEX 18 YouTube :

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