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$500 Tip Campaign Goes Nationwide

It’s a story we’ve told you about before. Now, an update to the inspiration movement called “Aaron’s Wish.”

After a local man passed away, his family decided to carry on his last wish, to give out $500 tips to unsuspecting waiters. Now that wish has taken on a life of it’s own and will soon be experienced around the country.

Seth Collins wants to take you to dinner, you can pick the place, you can even pick the state. You just have to pay $500. In return, you will get to be part in what the Collins family calls, the experience of a lifetime.

It’s the latest attempt by the Collins family to carry on the wish of the late Aaron Collins. The man who unexpectedly died and left a request for his family, to give a big tip to a waiter. They’ve done that, 30-some times. Now, Seth Collins, Aaron’s brother, wants to take it to the next level: He’s hitting the road for a solid year. His goal is to give two tips in each state.

“I have enough money for 100 tips, I want to give it away as many places as possible, and I need funding to facilitate that,” says Seth.

Seth has kicked off an Indiegogo campaign to pay for his travels.

Here’s how it works: Go to AaronCollins.org and click the map at the top of the page. Then, choose the amount of money you want to donate, and choose your perk. $5 will get you a postcard, $10 will get you a picture of the trip, $20 will get you a book about Aaron, and so on. The highest perk available is for $500.00, and it will get you a spot at the dinner table with Seth as he gives a $500 tip to a waiter, in your state.

“I feel like there’s a generosity that’s been inspired. I want people to be a part of that. I want to get them to feel that,” says Seth. “You do it in a new place and you start touching new groups, and more communities, that increases the likelihood that people want to donate and keep this going for Aaron.”

The campaign is on now until March 22nd. The road trip will start on Aaron’s birthday, June 15th.

“Aaron will have to be on my mind. My life will be full of traveling for Aaron, shooting video for Aaron, giving away money for Aaron. It’s another way to keep him with me and keep his life and memory with me,” says Seth.

The money the Aaron Collins Organization has already raised will go toward giving tips on the road. Right now, they have more than $50,000, which is enough to give two $500 tips in each state. The money raised in the campaign will pay for Seth’s travels.

“I’m really excited to hit the road for about a year of my life. There’s already been at least 3 million people touched by watching it on Youtube,” says Seth. “I know that hitting all these new cities and new states will bring in millions more people and thats the best part is getting to have an impact on all these lives, not just the ones who get the money but everyone surrounding them in the community.”

To donate to the Indiegogo campaign, click here.
To learn more about Aaron Collins, click here.


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