If you frequent my blog, you know I’m all about positivity, paying it forward and seeing the glass half-full. Which is why I must share a Facebook page I came across that I absolutely adore.

It’s called “Vol Compliments.” The page was started by a University of Tennessee student who got the idea from students at Queen’s University.

Their entire feed is filled with random compliments. Nice things students have to say about each other. It’s usually random, and sometimes the compliments seem small, but it’s obvious that whoever sent them in, felt impacted by that small task in some way.

Here are a few:

-Vol Compliments: “To the guy that helped me today when I dropped and spilled my water bottle. Thank you so much. You really made today so much better(: It’s the small things that can make the day great.”
-Vol Compliments: “I was at The Walk last night and Tim Miller (the pastor) had us all think of someone who inspired us and Mike Zaczyk was the first person to come to mind. I can not even begin to explain how much he has inspired me to be a better person through his loving and adventurous personality. His ability to reach out to people, engage in thoughtful (and sometimes outrageous) conversations, and overall addictive happiness has had a huge impact on me, and I’m sure many others along the way. Just thought it shouldn’t go unnoticed, he is definitely appreciated in so many ways.”
-Vol Compliments: “To the three people I saw help a stranger picked up his belongings after he dropped them: way to go! People like you are the reason I’m proud to be a Vol!”
Just reading them made me feel all warm and fuzzy! Keep on doing good deeds, friends! You DO make a difference!

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