LEX 18

7 Killed in one Fire


Stories dealing with the unexpected death of someone are never easy… when children are involved it tugs at your heartstrings even more… But When there are 7 people, 5 of them kids, it’s gut-wrenching.

I sat down with the parents of Nina, also grandparents to 3 of the children, and the father of three of the children.

Seven people, including five children, were all killed in one fire. As the families of these people try to move on and bury their loved ones, they talk about their incomprehensible grief.

“Just everything is a blur, like bad dream. Just couldn’t wake up,” William Gray said, the father of three of the children killed in the fire.

For gray, his worst nightmare is real. Gray said he was at a flea market Saturday morning, when he received the call that shattered his world.

His three children, Will, Carmen, Abigail, who were just 10 months old, and the mother fo his children, Nina Asher, who was also 11 weeks pregnant with his child, didn’t make it.

Jesse Disney, Nina’s boyfriend at the time, also died. As well as two other children who were staying the night, Brielle and Peiton Cox.

“You can’t imagine how your one true love, and your kids, your whole family. My whole family is gone,” Gray said.

Nina’s parents and the children’s grandparents watched helplessly as their world collapsed.

“I just fell to the ground,” Nina’s mother, Dora Asher said. “They wouldn’t let us get no closer.”

The cause of the fire is still under investigation. No matter to the family, because no explanation will be good enough.

“Just what a wonderful person she was. she loved those babies so much, they really didn’t deserve to die this way,” Asher said.

Autopsies are set to be finished on Tuesday, and funeral arrangements are still pending.

The family of Nina and her children are accepting donations through the Commercial Bank in Barbourville: 202 N. Main Street, Barbourville, KY or by calling 606-546-3146.

The family of Peiton and Brielle are accepting donations through the funeral home.


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