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Taylor County Animal Shelter to be Shut Down

The Taylor County Animal Shelter has been in hot water recently after pictures showing the deplorable conditions animals were living in surfaced. The shelter cleaned up, but now there are more changes.

LEX 18 went to the Taylor County Animal Shelter to talk about the impending changes, but we found something that deserves a little explaining.

The pictures are hard to look at, some LEX 18 can’t show you, containing blood and feces on the floor of the shelter. “They should not be laying in blood. They should not be in feces,” says Bridget Case, with Misfit Rescue Team.

After the photos surfaced revealing the deplorable conditions at the shelter, there was outrage; and then change. The place was cleaned up. But now, an unwelcome shift.

“There will no longer be adoptions,” says Jolene Wuertenberg with Taylor Made Rescues. When we asked her why, she referred us to the Taylor County Judge Executive, Eddie Rogers. We tried to reach him for comment, but he has yet to call us back.

The shelter says Rogers made the decision to become a holding facility and ship animals to another county.

On Tuesday, protesters were voicing their concerns, hoping for change. “Our concern is for the animals. That they are being taken care of properly,” says Pat Abell.

After the protest, rescue groups pulled dogs to take home, while they still can. LEX 18 was given a tour.

“We’ve changed everything. We’ve cleaned up. We’ve changed everything they wanted us to change,” says John Harris, the Taylor County Animal Shelter director.

The building seemed spotless until our cameras spotted a dead rat in a dog’s cage. The rat was removed. “I’ve got a sewer plant right here beside me. We’ve been fighting with them,” says Harris. “it happened. I’m sorry it did but everything else was clean.”

Still, the future of the shelter and the animals remains in question.

“If they become a holding facility basically it’s closed to everyone. These dogs don’t have a chance at all,” says Bridgett.

The animals at the shelter are available for adoption for the next 45 days, unless something changes. The shelter is located at 2175 Hodgenville Road in Campbellsville. Their phone number is 270-465-7651.

If you’d like to sign the petition to help save the Taylor County Animal Shelter, click here.

To see more pictures of adoptable dogs, click here.

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