LEX 18

Kids Targeted On Facebook


A Facebook group meant to be a community in Lincoln County is the source of outrage for parents who say their children’s pictures are being used in inappropriate ways.

The Lincoln County Yard Sale Facebook page started out as a place for folks to buy and sell things. The group is a community page anyone can join, and that’s the problem – not everyone who joins the page has the best intentions. LEX18 spoke with several upset group members at a Hustonville Park.

“We had all the boys laying down and the little girl on top of them,” said Marcie Leedom describing one of her favorite pictures. “We called it our kid pile-up,” she said.

But she was not expecting to see it posted in a Facebook group she’s a member of – the Lincoln County Yard Sale, especially not with the caption that described it in the page.

“It was labeled as ‘5 little rapists’ and something about a sex kitten,” Leedom said.

And she wasn’t the only one in that situation. A picture of Charlotte Hunt’s grandson was also posted.

“They are really, really bad racial slurs saying really bad stuff about my grandson,” Hunt said.

LEX18 found several more pictures of kids with derogatory comments about race and some mocking children with disabilities.

“They had it saved as ‘down syndrome kids for sale’,” Leedom said.

The person behind the posts: Jamie Car Did. And the profile picture beside that name is a picture of a Obama mask.

“That’s supposed to be Obama, but that’s the guy who started all this,” Leedom said.

Jamie Car Did is someone who obviously doesn’t want anyone to know who they are.

“It hurts, because that’s a kid,” Leeodom said.

LEX18 talked to the page administrator and he says he’s doing everything he can to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

He has banned the person responsible from the page and reported this to the Internet Crimes Division of Kentucky State Police.

LEX18 has since been told the pictures have been removed and an investigation is underway.

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