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Adam’s Place

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A Madison County father says he was told he couldn’t bring his special-needs son to work with him at a restaurant any longer, so he took matters into his own hands and opened a restaurant of his own.

The new hot spot in Berea is Adam’s Place, an American restaurant with good down-home cookin’. They first opened their doors last weekend, and business has been booming.

“I’ve been waiting for it to open, I got chicken tenders for myself,” says Lisa Edwards, a patron.

But the food isn’t even the best part, Adam is.

“Hey Princess Manda!” Says Adam. He greets everyone as they walk in the door.

“He doesn’t understand the sense of nervousness. To him he doesn’t know stranger,” says Shawne, Adam’s mother.

This isn’t Adam’s first time as the unofficial greeter for a restaurant. For the past several years, Adam would go to work with his dad at a Richmond restaurant. He wasn’t on the payroll, but for a couple of hours a day, Adam would do what he does best: make people smile. Until one day, when Adam’s father, Mark, was told he could no longer bring his son to work.

“They said he can’t come up there, you can’t have your son at work,” says Mark.

“Every Friday night he would say, ‘dad I’m packed, I’m ready to go tomorrow!’ We’d have to tell him, ‘no, Adam. You can’t go’,” says Shawne.

Like any father, Mark was going to do whatever he could to protect his son.

“My goal in life, whether that’s good or not, is to keep Adam happy,” says Mark. So he and his wife Shawne opened up their own place. Or rather, “Adam’s Place.”

“It turned out to be a good thing,” says Shawne. “It’s a blessing.”

A blessing not just for Adam and his family, but for everyone who meets Adam.

“Give me a hug!” Shouts Adam as he sees a familiar face walk in. “Are you ticklish?”

“Someone is having a bad day, he’ll tell them, ‘it’ll be OK, it’ll be OK.’ It’s amazing the effect he has on people,” says Shawne.

“I just hope [the restaurant] does really well,” says a patron. “[Adam] will always have a place of his own here.”

A place where Adam can be Adam, makes all the difference.

“Special people matter,” says Adam.

Adam’s Place is located on Paint Lick Road in Berea. For more information about Adam’s Place, click here.

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