Woman With Service Dog Asked To Leave Hospital

A Clark County woman says she was not allowed to see her husband at Clark Regional Medical Center and was even escorted off the property because of her service dog.

Catherine Hall suffers from periodic blackouts and seizures. Her service dog Kai makes sure she gets help.

“He’s my baby. He’s my savior. He’s saved me so many times,” she said.

Hall said she took her husband to Clark Regional Medical Center for an asthma attack Sunday, and when she tried to walk into the lobby, she was stopped.

“She was like no, ‘No dogs.’ I said, ‘He’s a service dog ma’am.’ She said she didn’t care, there were sick patients back there.”

Hall said she showed the woman Kai’s service collar and even explained her rights under the Americans With Disabilities Act, all to no avail.

“I quoted all the things I needed to, and she had a police officer come escort me out,” she said.

Hall took Kai to her car, but when she returned alone, a nurse told her could bring the dog back inside. Even so, Hall said she wants an apology, and more importantly, to educate people about service dogs. She said she also plans to file a complaint with the Human Rights Commission.

The Clark County Regional Medical Center released the following statement:

“The Clark County Regional Medical Center actively meets the ADA requirements for service animals. We, in fact, encourage pet therapy in our hospital. Consistent with industry quality standards we do require that all pet owners provide proof of current vaccines so we can ensure we protect the safety and well being of all our patients, visitors, and employees.”

Hall says hospital staff never asked her about shots, but all of Kai’s vaccinations are up to date and he has tags on his collar showing that.kai

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