Memorial Scholarship Started For Lexington Teen Killed In Shooting

Sitting just feet from their usual table in the cafeteria, Brenyn Blake, Max Sweet and Jaren Shelby are still getting used to life at Tates Creek High School without their best friend.

“It just seems like he’s about to walk in and start laughing, and sit down and start eating with us,” said Brenyn. “Everybody misses him.”

16-year-old Ezavion Lindsey was shot to death on July 28th. His older half-brother, Eric Trigg, is accused of pulling the trigger.

This week, they’ve moved to a different table from where they are used to eating lunch to ask for donations for the Ezavion Lindsey Scholarship Fund.

“Just last year we sat right there, and now we are collecting donations for a scholarship for him,” said Jaren Shelby.

And so far, they say they have made good progress.

“Some people are being generous and throwing fives and tens in there,” Max said.

Ezavion’s mom decided something good had to come out of her son’s death, so she enlisted the help of his best friends to raise the money.

The recipient must possess the same traits as Ezavion.

“You gotta be funny first of all, outgoing, smart, athletic,” Jaren said.

Brenyn adds something more,

“And a lady’s man,” he said. “He’s just funny. Just Ezavion.”

Someone who Brenyn says will be somebody, like Ezavion would have been.

“He was gonna be somebody… for sure,” he said.

But in their eyes, nobody will ever come close.

“There is nobody to be honest, there isn’t gonna be two Ezavions,” Jaren said.

His family and friends just want to make sure something good, comes out of this tragedy.

Donations can be made at the UK Federal Credit Union to the Ezavion Lindsey Memorial Fund.


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