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Medal of Honor Recipient Considers Congressional Run

dakotameyerMedal of Honor recipient and Adair County native, Dakota Meyer says he’s considering a run at Congress. On Wednesday, he addressed his possible future in politics.

It all started with a tweet from @Dakota_Meyer: “Congress 2016, POTUS 2024!” Meyer posted the news on his Twitter account at 12:01am on October 1st.

“Whenever I tweeted it out I had no idea anyone would even pay attention to it,” says Meyer. But they did, tweet after tweet, his followers showed their support for him. “The reason I tweeted it out is because I want to continue to serve, if thats how people think I should serve, then that’s what I want to do,” Meyer says.

His entire life has been about serving, first in the Marine Corps. Meyer was in Afghanistan for what he calls, the worst day of his life, when he saved the lives of 3-dozen U.S. and Afghan troops after they were ambushed by the Taliban. Experience, he says, will help him in public office. “Nothing will ever happen to me to hurt me more than that or take more from me than that day,” says Meyer, talking about September  nikkidakota8th 2009. “So as far as having to worry about a bad day, for the rest of my life I know I’ve had a bad day and it wont get worse than that. So what do I have to worry about?”

After being awarded the Medal of Honor in 2011, Meyer has worked with veterans to help them land jobs.
“I’ve always wanted to make a difference, that’s what I’ve said ever since I received the medal. I will accept this medal on behalf of the men and women who served and who died and go out everyday to make a difference.”

Now, another type of service could be on the horizon, a revelation that came after the government shut down.

“It’s really so frustrating to me because we can’t make a decision together,” says Meyer. “It’s really so frustrating to me because we can’t make a decision together. We’ve gotten so spread apart.”

Now, he’s focusing on converting his frustrating into passion.  “The Marine Corps taught me the ‘whatever it takes’ attitude and to go out and change the word ‘situation’ into ‘opportunity’ and to go out and make a difference,” says Meyer.

As for what party he would align himself with, Meyer says this: “No one asked me when I went to serve as a Marine, if I was going to be a Republican or Democrat, it didn’t matter then. I am going to do what’s right in the best interest for Kentuckians and Americans.”

Meyer says, attributes he has gained from his service will help him in the future. “My love for my country, doing the right thing, having morals to stand firm on what we believe in and what to stand for, doing what’s right. That’s what its about.”

“The Marine Corps taught me that everyday we are presented with situations we have no control over. It’s not about which situation you are presented with, it’s how you deal with it afterwards.”

But is it official? Will we see his name on the ballot in 2016? “I’m not making any commitments right now. If I feel like I’ve got enough support, maybe that’s a road I will take.”


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