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Body of Fallen Firefighter to be Taken Home to McCreary County

A Whitley County firefighter who died from injuries sustained fighting a fire will receive honors with a full procession on the way home to McCreary County Tuesday morning.

Volunteer firefighter Arlie Hill was affectionately known as “Pooh.” He suffered burns over 90 percent of his body when he and another firefighter went into a burning home looking for victims back on Aug. 30. He died due to those injuries on Sunday.

He’s survived by his son, daughter and wife Sharen.

Hill’s body will leave Cincinnati Tuesday morning and there will be a procession back to McCreary County. Supporters are asked to line the route.

The procession will begin at the main fire department headquarters in Cincinnati and leave at 10 a.m. The route will follow I-75 south to Mt. Vernon. It will then proceed down KY-461 to KY-80 to US-27 south Whitley City. The procession will end at the Hickman Strunk Funeral Home.

Memorial services for Hill will be held on Saturday, Nov. 2, at McCreary Central High School in Stearns. Family viewing will begin at 9 a.m., with public viewing to follow at 10 a.m. Services will be held at 2 p.m.



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