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Mothers, Family Members Organize “Peace Parties” To Help Curb Teen Violence

Mothers of children who have been victims of gun violence in Kentucky are having a unique party, an event these women hope will stop the violent cycle. And they’ve enlisted the help of a man who knows about violence all too well.

Logan Avritt and Tonya Lindsey are planning a party, called “the Peace Party.” On Friday night, teenagers will descend to the College for Technical Education. Avritt, a former gang member who now speaks to schools through his program, came up with the idea. Avritt teamed up with Lindsey, the mother of Ezavion Lindsey, a 16-year-old boy who was shot to death in July.

Since his death, Lindsey has made it her mission to live for her son, and Avritt gave her the perfect way to do that. “He was like. ‘You know I’m going to do peace parties and dedicate them to him.'”

They’re joined by other parents of children that were victims of gun violence. Chaz Black was shot to death last year. So was Jaleel Raglin. Steven Reynolds was killed in April. “I don’t think any mother should sit and be in this pain I’m in,” said Lindsay.

They want to stop the cycle, so these peace parties will be a place where kids can be kids, give them a nice clean atmosphere where the mother and father feel confident, and say, “I’ll let my child go to that party.”

The party Friday will start at 8 p.m. and go until 10 p.m. It’s free, but students are asked to donate a canned good if they can. For questions, call (859) 536-1001.

The women say they plan to have these parties once a month at different locations.


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