Deep Freeze.


Single-digit temperatures are not something I enjoy. At all. In fact, I’m down right grumpy about this weather. Can you tell I prefer warm temperatures?



My grouchiness aside, the cold weather has caused problems galore across the DC area. Here are a few stories I’ve covered in the midst of the Polar Vortex (who, by the way, is a huge jerk).









A truck with a snow plow flipped into someone’s yard. Yup, even those scraping the roads are having problems.



Even Weather Kitty is staying indoors! This was the temp when I got to work.


The roads were SO bad, my photographer and I got STUCK in the live truck in Loudoun County. No joke! Luckily, the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Department along with VDOT came by and poured sand on the road so we could get out… just in time for our 11:00 live shot. 

Cold weather caused problems for metro, too. Tracks cracked causing delays all over the place. 


The bright spot in my cold weather coverage – this sweet boy! The video wasn’t posted, but this dog sat in our live shot while we did a piece about keeping pets safe in this weather. He was such a good boy!

I may have looked like the kid from “A ChristmasStory,” but I was somewhat warm considering the temperatures. Thank you hot hands and Zippo lighter! (This thing is a miracle by the way!).



Is it spring yet?


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