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Link Love Thursday

A few of my favorite links, videos, products, websites, recipes and things I’m digging this week. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

1. THIS video of a lion via Go Pro in South Africa. Prepare to say “awww.” Side bar: Go Pro’s marketing team is filled with geniuses.

2. THIS recipe for no-bake cookie dough bites from ToneItUp. I made them for my co-workers in less than 30 minutes and they were a hit. Perfect snack that will tide you over and actually has some nutritional value! You’re welcome. LC+Cookie+Bites+w+title

3. THIS video of a deaf Seahawks player…prepare to be inspired.

4. THIS Twitter feed – for the Capitol Hill Fox. A real fox, spotted numerous times roaming Capitol Hill, has his own Twitter feed, complete with Foxy Memes.

5. THIS chardonnay – I’m not usually a chardonnay drinker during the cold months, but this is too good not to indulge. My fiance and I were given it during our wine tasting as we were picking out vino for our wedding…This will definitely be served on my big day! Morgan chardonnay from a winery in Santa Lucia, Monterey, CA.



6. THIS app that makes the best game (drinking or otherwise) with friends. It’s called “Heads Up” – and it’s addicting. You place your phone on your forehead – screen away from you, and a word comes on the screen…your friends try to give you clues to get you to guess it. Choose from categories like famous people, movies, act it out and animals gone wild. It’s 99 cents and worth every penny. (screen shots below)Bonus: when your phone is on your forehead – it records your friends as they are guessing. Hilarious to watch them guessing after the fact!  Download it here via the App store. 


7. THIS water bottlethat doubles as a speaker and iphone case. So getting this for the gym, beach and pool! Thanks to Hot 99.5 DJ, Elizabethany for the find. Bonus: It’s $25 at Amazon.

1802_13897487898. THIS quote.


tHCwdUaW9. THIS Twitter feed – (another, sorry, had to!) @ModernClueless is a timeline chocked full of Clueless quotes from all our favorites, Cher, Dionne, Mr. Hall, Josh, and so on.

@ModernClueless: Mr. Hall, it was Shark Week. I had to haul ass to the ladies’.

10. THIS throwback video (worth watching again from 2012) of Will Ferrell as Bush, interviewing himself as Bush. Genius.



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