Juice, juice baby


A new year, new resolutions… and juicing is at the top of my list. The “Omega” juicer is the latest addition to my kitchen, and it’s now a staple.

I’m still learning what works with what — but I’ve created a few recipes that are healthy and yummy (despite being green in color).

Here’s my most tried and true:

-a few handfuls of spinach

-1/2 lemon (rind ok)

-small thumb of ginger

-2 apples (skin ok)

-a couple of handfuls of kale

-1 large cucumber

-2 large celery stalks

-1 carrot

I’m trying to figure out the best recipe for weight loss/meal replacement. I’m worried I’m taking in too much sugar with this recipe…but, it’s very refreshing!

I also want to work grapefruit into a juice somehow – but haven’t found a recipe that seems to fit what I’m looking for. Suggestions welcome!


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