As a native Tennessean, I’m proud of where I’m from…but where I was raised, in the mountains of beautiful east Tennessee in Kingsport, is far different from the state’s capital, Nashville. Even though I grew up visiting my mom’s family in middle TN, I still find something new each time.

My most recent trip to Nashville was for family reasons – my grandfather and mother are both having surgery (all is well for both, :)) and for wedding dress shopping! But while I was there, I had some down time in between it all.

While most Nashvillians probably know about these spots, I must share for those that don’t.

1. The Picnic Cafe: This Belle Meade lunch spot has the best fruit tea and chicken salad this side of the Mississippi. No joke. Plus, everything is served on doilies.

unnamed-42. Atmalogy – Coffee, cookie dough balls, greek yogurt and couches to sit on, these are a few of my favorite things. This little coffee/lunch spot was the perfect place for me to catch up on emails and get my caffeine fix. It’s right in the middle of Vanderbilt’s campus on West End, so I did feel a little old, but it was totes worth it. (Does saying totes make me sound younger??)


I got to spend time with my sweet grandaddy, (how cute is he with his rescue dog, Daisy??) my mom and sisters, as we wedding dress shopped through Nashville! Did we find the dress? Hmmm possibly…I most certainly tried on no less than 50 gowns. When else am I going to get to prance around in a princess dress?



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  1. Love reading your highlights of your Nashville visit. Looking forward to hearing all your cool finds so we can check them out when we visit home! Definitely going to try Atmology – cookie dough balls and couches? Sign me up!

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