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Link love Thursday

Just a few things I’m clicking this week…

1. First thing’s first, Cats and Abs. This masterpiece has two of my favorite things: cats and abs.


2. This website – SheFinds. In NYC last week, I ran into one of the marketing gals behind the site, really loving it…think you will, too. 

3. This App: Venmo. A friend introduced me to this app – which is a quicker and more social version of PayPal. Split the bill at a bar in one easy click or avoid that awkward “so, about that $10 you owe me,” conversation and just “charge” someone. I’ve already used it several times successfully and seamlessly.

4. Ebates: I’m not one up for things like this – just know that. But when my sister swore she got real cash back from shopping online, I trusted her and tried it. (I realize this blog post seems like a paid advertisement, but I promise it’s genuine.) I made my most recent Sephora purchase online through Sephora, but first, I logged in through Ebates and clicked through to Sephora through Ebates’ link. It worked. Yesterday I got a check for $7. It won’t make me a millionaire, but who turns down free money? Not this girl. Click here to join. 

5. My friends’ venture – All Charities Count. These two brainy boys started up a website that brings together charities – big and small — to get them noticed and ultimately, help them raise money. It’s like Facebook but for charities. Do some good “social work.”  And did I mention it’s free?


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