DC – it’s new to me.

Well, sort of. Although I lived here from 2006 – 2007 and then in Hagerstown, MD for three years (just an hour away), I’ve been gone from the DMV for three years. So, I’m thoroughly enjoying exploring this city and all things District.

Here are just a few of my favorite DCist things so far…I’m sure the list will only grow. I love this city.

-The new-and-improved Washington Monument. If you haven’t been to DC in a few years, you may not have seen the scaffolding around the monument after the earthquake… Well now that metal is gone and the beautiful, new [secure] Washington Monument is back open and ready for tourists. Enjoy!



-Confession: Even though I’ve lived in DC and been here countless times, I have never been to the National Zoo (with the exception of covering a shooting there). Not only did I get to visit the zoo, I got to see Bao Bao and her mother, Mei Xiang, out and about! SHE IS SO ADORABLE. I now know why everyone has been freaking out about her. Can’t make it to the zoo? Watch the Panda Cam here. 

-Baked and Wired.

OK no offense Georgetown Cupcakes, y’all are phenomenal, but let’s talk about a hidden gem in Georgetown that not only has delicious cupcakes with quirky names (Uniporn!) but delicious coffee, teas and quiches: Baked & Wired. YUM.

photo 3-One more coffee shop to add to the list: Peregrine Espresso. This little shop in Eastern Market was named one of the best shops in the country by The Daily Meal website. I can see why – the coffee is amazing and so is this little spot. Customer service is top notch and chatting up the baristas, you’ll learn so much about that cup o’joe you’re about to enjoy. My photographer, Kevin and I seriously enjoyed their lattes!

National Gallery of Art – Degas – Cassatt exhibit. First of all, the National Gallery of art is a place you’ve got to see – not just once. It’s a peaceful place full of art you’ll want to spend hours enjoying. The second thing you’ve got to see – the new Degas Cassatt exhibit. I did a story on the exhibit (more in another post) – but I seriously enjoyed my time. The exhibit focuses on the relationship between Degas and Cassatt, both personally and professionally. Pieces are featured for the first, and likely last time in one spot. Some come from personal collections, others come from galleries across the country.

District Taco. Like tacos? This is THE place to go. I’ve only been once, but I’m officially sold. It’s a tiny little shop that makes you feel like you’re in the know…in an authentic place that knows what they’re doing. I got the corn tortilla chicken tacos (they come in threes) American style. Mmmmmmmmm. photo

-DC Design House: I did a story on the DC Design House (more in another post later) but if you haven’t been you’ve got to check it out. DC Design House is not only a beautiful home with unique decorations in each room, art and design, it’s all benefiting DC Children’s National Heath System. Tickets are sold at the door.

photo 1-1Arlington Farmer’s Market – Pretty much all farmer’s markets in the area are amazing… but I have only experienced the Arlington one. This one isn’t just full of fresh food like a butcher shop, yogurt, milkshakes, fruits and veggies etc…it’s also a mini thrift mall. We found interesting prints, maps, jewelry, furniture and other nicknacks galore. They’re open every Saturday.




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