WHCD aka #NerdProm

This was my first year covering the White House Correspondents Dinner, lovingly known in DC as the Nerd Prom.

Although this live shot doesn’t show it, I had some brushes with greatness.


Kevin Hart walked right behind our live shot 5 minutes before. He was SO NICE. I really can’t say that enough. Such a nice guy. He totally would have stayed and done a live interview, but his PR people ushered him along. Bummer. Bonus: Kevin Hart retweeted me.


I also met Fitz from Scandal. Also known as Tony Goldwyn. Nearly all actors from Scandal were there and passed by us, all even more better looking in person. Darby Stanchfield was STUNNING in a green dress. 


A few others worth mentioning, the Today Show crew, yes…Al, Matt, Savannah and Natalie and even Carson. They gave us a nice wave as they went inside.

We probably could have caught more celebs and maybe even taken a selfie (my initial goal for the night), but alas, breaking news called.

Which ended up being my next story for the night…not nearly as fun, in fact, quite sad. A 14-year-old was arrested and charged in the shooting at the National Zoo. Story below.



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