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Friday Favs.

A few things I’m loving this week:

1.Sia’s new video for “Chandelier.” So beautiful. The dancer in me can’t get enough of this young dancer’s moves. The choreography is stunning.

2. And while you’re on YouTube, check out [and subscribe] to my YouTube channel.

3.  Chia pudding. OK enough self-promotion… More important things, like food. Chia seed pudding is my new favorite healthy treat. Recipe here on 

4. Arm the Animals. We all need a shirt with a lion’s head on it. Or what about an adorable little pittie? But the best part, is this t-shirt company does way more than make quirky clothing. They donate money to help save animals. Yup, just as their name suggests, money made from sales goes to animal shelters. 

5. Orphan Black. I know there’s plenty of binge-worthy TV available, but let me add one more to your queue: Orphan Black. The BBC has created a wonderful thriller you won’t want to stop watching. I’m actually jealous of you, because the excitement that is Orphan Black hasn’t hit you. You can thank me later. Meanwhile, I’ll be waiting by my DVR for a new episode.




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