Wishing I could have been in Kentucky this weekend to celebrate the love and marriage of one of my favorite couples – the beautiful and equally talented – Mary Jo Perino and her dashing hubby – Jon Ford. Every now and then you see couples together – and you think – my gosh – they were truly made for each other. That’s these two. Their love is contagious – and their smiles make you want to be around them and soak up some of that happiness. They found love in a hopeless place – Jon, a Louisville fan, MJP a Kentucky fan (you know that’s about as opposite as it gets!). I was there for their engagement – Jon was so clever! Video here 

Jon is the perfect match for MJP – and to top it off – he’s the perfect father to sweet Sam. He said vows to MJP and then, some to her son Sam. Congrats MJP & Jon – all the love and happiness in the world to you two! 10492594_10152224166082322_3378678640423967553_n

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