Celebrity Photographer helps DC kids realize dreams

This was a fantastic feel-good story to cover! Here’s the video.


Linda Solomon is a celebrity photographer, “(I’ve taken pictures of) Five presidents, certainly many noted actors and actresses,” says Solomon. But none of them compare to the real stars in her eyes.

Linda is in southeast DC on Tuesday to surprise 11 kids who are part of a homeless transitioning program for families called Tenants Empowerment Network, or TEN. “They have dreams, like all children have, of good things ahead,” says Sister Mary Louise Wessell, who runs the program.

 Linda Solomon wants to hear about all those dreams.

 “My hope is to go to college,” says one kid. “My hope is to have a wife and kids,” says another young boy. “I want to go to Yale or Harvard,” says a little girl named Grace Reed. 

The kids were told to write down their hopes and dreams. Grace was not shy about what she wants to do. “(I want to) become President,” she says. But she’s very clear about what kind of president she wants to be. “I don’t want to be like (our president),” says Grace.” When asked why, she said, “I don’t like his immigration laws. They’re people too!”

After hearing all the kids dreams, this is where Linda steps in. “Everyone is going to be given a camera!” Linda shouted to the room full of kids.

The cameras are the catalyst for the kids dreams, and it’s part of a program Linda started called “Pictures of Hope.” “They can photograph a dream, they can see it, it’s right there in front of them and they can work towards achieving that dream,” she says.

 Linda first teaches them how to use a camera, then, she asks them to photograph their dreams from the list they made. And just like that, their dreams snap into focus. “I want to get a job straight out of college,” says Grace.

“It shows them their dreams matter, that’s the most important thing,” says Linda.

The pictures are then made into holiday cards and sold locally, 100% of the proceeds go back to the programs in DC.

For more information about the Pictures of Hope, visit the website, http://lindasolomonphotography.com



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