Some love stories have to be witnessed to be understood – Megan and Eric’s love is one of them. Megan is one of my dearest friends – we worked together in our early TV News days of WHAG in Hagerstown, MD. If you know about living in a small town – where you know no one – you know you latch onto people, and you bond…quickly. Megan and I are from completely different places  – my southern upbringing and Megan’s upstate New York background are like black and white. But we are kindred spirits. I’m so grateful to have met this lady – and even more so that our friendship has lasted through the moves, the TV stations and all the years.

Now back to her love story – Megan and Eric met through work. Eric, a JAG and Megan a reporter. To say Eric was smitten with Megan from the get go would be an understatement – even Eric’s mother knew they would end up together. She was right – Eric and Megan would realize they were meant to be. And their love is something to be seen. Although I didn’t meet Eric until their wedding day – to witness his love for her – and the smile he puts on her face, is something that brings a smile to mine. I’m so thankful these two found each other – and I love their love.

We had a BLAST at their wedding in Harrisburg – the wedding was beautiful…Eric’s speech was phenomenal (why didn’t I record it?!) and the party was so much fun. We had a mini-reunion with fellow WHAG’ers, because, like I said, we have a special bond from our few years in that little town of Hagers in western Maryland.

I love these people – and I love #Megustine!

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