To do something for 60 years is hard to imagine for me — to do something for 60 years well – no, exceptionally well – is just unfathomable. That’s what Face the Nation accomplished with their 60 year anniversary. Bob Schieffer has been at CBS for 45 years, he’s conducted thousands of interviews and written even more pieces – award-winning pieces, and he’s brought us the news on Sunday mornings. He’s done it with class, without bias, and he’s done it impeccably. I’m one lucky journalist to call him a friend – and a mentor.

I’m thankful to have met Bob 7 years ago during my first stint in Washington, but I’m even more thankful that he saw something in me. Thankful that Mr. Schieffer agreed to meet me, talk to me and mentor me over the years. With each career move I’ve made – Bob has been my go-to for advice. I’m so grateful to him, I would most certainly *not* be where I am without his guidance.

Here’s to Bob – and to many more years. He’s one of – if not the greatest journalist of our time. And he knows how to throw one heck of a party – VP Joe Biden and Sen John McCain on the same stage – toasting the same person? Yes, Bob has the kind of impact on people.

Congrats to Mr. Schieffer & Face the Nation – an amazing night at the Newseum celebrating fantastic journalistic accomplishments.

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