Groups from all over the country participated in the march against police violence Saturday morning, but the NAACP chapter of Prince George’s County went above and beyond in their involvement. The chapter met at the Stadium Armory Metro Station and walked to Freedom Plaza to join the other marchers for the Justice for All March.

“I’m here for the people, not just Mike Brown, Ms. Garner or Ms. Minor, says Murry Edwards, who came to the march from Ferguson. “This is for all Americans. This is about equality, this is America. They told us this is the land of equal opportunity and we are still searching for it.”

“It’s sad to say we have to go through all these things to let police officers know that sometimes when you see people don’t judge them until you know who they are,” says protester, Vincent Robison.

Their mission was the same as everyone else’s there, but with an all-too-personal connection: Michael Minor.

“It was senseless,” says Veronica Minor, Michael’s aunt.

“I have no explanation for any of this, to be real with you. Just that my nephew is dead,” says Rudy Minor, whose nephew was Michael Minor. “This is a dream, I don’t know how it can happen to anybody.”

A nightmare that became a reality for the Minor family, when Michael was shot to death by a Prince George’s County Sheriff’s Deputy on October 23rd. “It shouldn’t have happened. It shouldn’t have happened,” says Michael’s mother, Michele.

The group walked all the way to Freedom Plaza where they met up with the rest of the protesters, as a grieving mother found comfort in those around her. “I’m glad to see that people are coming out to be supportive,” says Michele.

Michele says she wanted to attend the march to support the cause, but also because this is part of the healing process for her. She hopes to meet the families of Trayvon Martin and Eric Garner. “This is why I want to reach out to them. It’s imperative we meet, we have a lot to discuss.” Because for Michele, the protest in her backyard hits home in more ways than one.

The case into her son’s death has been handed over to the Maryland State’s Attorney.

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