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Pet(s) of the week!

Meet Washington Humane Society’s pets of the week! Up first, Simon!


Simon- Staff Pick 12.23.2014

Simon is a friendly, snuggly dog who likes nothing better than curling up next to you (or on you!) on the couch. Simon is past the puppy stage but is still playful and enjoys short bouts of tug-of-war or chewing on a toy.  He knows how to “sit,” is house trained, and he has excellent manners when riding in a car.  Simon was born with deformities in his front legs – you might not notice just by looking at him, but it makes walking a little more difficult compared to other dogs.  Simon certainly doesn’t seem to notice, though, and he makes his way up and down stairs with no problem!  He loves short walks but can’t go running or hiking like your average dog.  And for those longer walks, Simon has his very own stroller he loves to sit in! 

Meet Simon in his foster home!
E-mail to learn more or to meet Simon.

Simon is a two-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier Mix. Simon was rescued by the Washington Humane Society on March 21, 2014 after he was found suffering from multiple injuries.

King - Staff Pick 11.26.14

Up next – King! 

King is a mature cat in the prime of his life. He is the perfect house companion since he has great manners and is a big cuddly love bug and mushy purr monster. He loves people and wants nothing more than to snuggle up with a human friend while they watch TV or read a book. Even though he is an older guy, he has a good chunk of life ahead of him and a lot of love left to give. He’s gotten all of the mischievousness out of his system and will not get under your feet or climb your curtains.

Meet King at our New York Avenue Adoption Center!

1201 New York Avenue, NE

Washington, DC 20012

King is a ten-year-old, twelve lbs., domestic shorthair cat. He was surrendered to the Washington Humane Society on October 24, 2014.

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