Links to make you smile today

Start the day off with a smile – courtesy of these stories:

1. Neighbors help save stray dog – when a member of a Fairfax County community spotted a stray dog – she began to feed it…after multiple attempts to catch the dog, they were finally successful. And then, a happy ending: “Teddy” was adopted into his forever home.


Pic courtesy of Fairfax County Police

2. Hedgehogs getting tickled. No explanation needed, just watch. Courtesy of The Dodo. 

3. This dance troupe’s routine to Beyonce’s 7/11. First of all, I can’t get enough of this song… second, this dancers can werk.

4. Peyton Manning makes couple’s night. As if you need another reason to love Peyton? Here you go. 

5. And last but not least, a BuzzFeed post you can’t miss – 39 pictures that will give you faith in 2015… especially this picture of a pup greeting her human after he returned from Iraq. <courtesy>enhanced-buzz-14057-1419972891-9

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