Brackets for good

1100.332617630.customA dear friend of mine & sorority sister, Katie Lewis, sent me a bracket request challenge before March Madness ensued. Ugh, I thought. I’ve already filled out 3 of these things – I do not need another bracket to manage! (How many times can I pick Duke to win?!;))

I kept reading though, this bracket challenge was different: This one was for charity—and for a humane society at that! I’m IN!

My bracket fee was $20 and that helped raise money for PAWS of Chicago. 

So all of you creating office brackets out there next year – let’s all make a pact to create brackets for good. Part of the entry fee goes into a pot for the winner to claim – the other portion is donated to the charity. The winner can then choose what to do with their winnings.

That’s gambling for a good cause 🙂

Just a little food for thought.


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