Easter Egg Roll!

I had an absolute BLAST at this year’s Easter Egg Roll! Even though I’m too old to actually *roll* the eggs, seeing the kiddos run around the front lawn of the White House was just incredible. Here’s the story – and enjoy the pictures below!

The 137th Easter Egg Roll at the White House kicked off Monday morning and it did not disappoint. More than 35,000 people were there to enjoy the festivities.

It’s not all about the egg roll. In fact, there are plenty of activities for kids and their parents to take part in. It’s really all just about getting the kids up and active.

Eddie Lilja won the lottery to get tickets for the day, and he had his hands full with kids. “From the time they got up they were really excited. They got up at 5 a.m. and were ready to go.” he shared.

The excitement of being on the White House Lawn isn’t lost on these kids. “It is a big deal!” exclaimed Lacrystal, who came all the way from Durham, NC to attend the roll.

This year is different, however. The kids are full of energy, but it’s not because they’re all hopped up on sugar. It’s part of the First Lady’s “Let’s Move” Campaign called “Gimmie Five.” From the obstacle courses to the star athletes, even the cooking demonstrations, the event was all about being healthy.

“I’m going to try to stay active and I like her ‘Let’s Move Thing,'” said Lacrystal.

But kids will be kids, and they have their own game plan for the day; including tough questions for The President.

“Why doesn’t he have a ponytail?” asked Myriama.

“Do you think the President should have a ponytail?” replied WUSA9’s Nikki Burdine.

“Yes, like George Washington. He has a ponytail!” responded Myriama.

Lania had more serious questions for President Obama: “How did he become the president and what did he do?”

Some kids had specific requests in mind. “I want to go use his bathroom,” said Sapri. “I want know what it’s like… a diamond bathroom or something!”

Little Tyler, however, came prepared with a gift for our Commander in Chief. “I might give him $10,” he told Nikki Burdine.

“You’re going to give him $10? What are you going to tell him to do with that $10?” Nikki asked Tyler.

“Buy a motorcycle!” Tyler said.

For the little ones who are too young to know how special today is, like 1-year-old Berkeley, her parents Kristin and Peter will make sure to take plenty of pictures, sure to be priceless. “It’s so great to have her and have the White House in the background! It’s super exciting for us,” said Peter.

The activities are expected to last until 7:00 Monday night.


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