Capital Pride Parade: 40 years

The celebrations were non-stop for Capital Pride weekend in D.C. It started with a parade Saturday afternoon.

“Anything goes — it’s Capital Pride,” said participant Chason Renz, who wore little to no clothing to attend the parade. He was not alone, because in the heat, less is certainly more. “It makes for wearing tanks that much better,” agrees Aaron Dipaolo, who was at the parade with friends. 

Saturday turned out to be one of the hottest days of the year so far, but the sun didn’t stop the prideful from showing it off. “Today is the day everyone can come out and be themselves and let their freak flag fly,” said Renze.

This is the 40th annual Pride Parade in D.C., but this year is significant for another reason: in the next few weeks, we should hear the Supreme Court’s decision on gay marriage. Today, however, politics seem to be taking a back seat. “It’s about being ourselves, it’s about loving who we want to love and it’s about celebrating with friends who accept us for who we are,” said Dipaolo. 

“I think so many times we are hiding behind our fake identities because we don’t want anyone to know who we really are,” said George Slaughter, who was also enjoying the parade with friends. “But this is an opportunity for us to come together be ourselves, to be authentic.” 

Capital Pride continues all weekend with a festival and concert Sunday and 300 tents featuring local vendors, food and community groups. For more on the events click here: http://www.capitalpride.org/


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