Heaven is a place on earth

IMG_8525.PNGAnd yes, it’s in the United States. Kauai is heaven on earth. We had the incredible opportunity to vacation there again this year… Let’s just say, I can’t wait to go back.

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A few highlights:

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The lodging: Grand Hyatt: The pool scene alone is worth a trip. A water slide from one pool to another is not just for kids. And then at the end – there’s a relaxing fresh-water lagoon that I pretty much lived in while we were there.

A private beach by the hotel was the perfect getaway when I needed some real ocean and sand in my life.

The food:

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Yes, the seafood (so I’m told, I am not a fan of fish) is incredible. But let’s talk about the Puka dogs and Bubba Burgers. I may or may not have eaten there twice. A piece. OK three times. What’s vacation for, after all, if not over-eating? Stop judging me.

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Entertainment: So we were there with a big group and did some unusual things (Bubble soccer) but let me just give you some advice – there is so much to do on this island, don’t stress out about doing it all. Even if all you do is chill on the beach, you’ll love it. That being said – Bubble soccer is so much fun! 

Livewire – the band – also gave a stellar performance. Big fan of these guys who are so much more than just a cover band!

The Sugar Factory – We attended a special dinner at the old Sugar Factory on the island – which is so rustic and beautiful! A must-see while you’re in town.

Nature: This is probably my favorite part of Kauai – the lush greenery on the edge of beautiful rugged cliffs and the bluest water in the world. Hike the Na Pali coast (you can do a few miles hike or 8-10 hike) and end up at a beautiful water fall. And make sure to check out Queen’s Bath. It’s an easy hike to get to this fresh water pool, and you’ll want to hang out all day. There’s also cliff-jumping into the ocean for the more adventurous!

Zip-lining! So you’ve probably been zip-lining a time or two, but have you done it in Hawaii? Just picture yourself zooming through green forests with fresh blue water all around you. Yeah, it’seven better than you could imagine!

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