unnamed-13I love everything about Taylor Swift. Go ahead, judge me. I don’t care. I love her music, I own all her albums and still listen to them most every day. But my love – and appreciation – for all things Taylor – goes beyond her talent. It’s about her *power.*

Taylor is a force to be reckoned with – yes her music is far-reaching. Let me explain – taking a look around the arena at her 1989 show in DC, I was impressed. Not because nearly every seat was full (on a Tuesday night with a chance of Thunderstorms) but because of the diversity there.

I went to the Verizon Center this summer with two of my fantastic girlfriends, Debra and Joannie. I thought this would be a concert filled with girls, much like us.

We took our seats in the upper deck, to my left sat a group of pre-teen girls with their dad. They were having a blast (so was dad!) In front of us, sat a married couple in their 50’s. They knew every word. To our right, was a young mother with her two girls under the age of 10, those kids knew the songs too, and danced their hearts out! And then there was us, young adults, who had to punch the clock the next day, and yes — we knew all the songs.

Us ladies were well-represented at the concert, and it wasn’t just because of Taylor’s killer music. It was her message, her not-so-obvious girl power vibes, her positivity, her entourage or “squad” as she calls it, and let’s be honest her cat videos of Meredith Gray and Olivia Benson. Taylor Swift is the great “uniter.” She’s a uniter in her group of friends, she has no time for cattiness, and makes that very clear. Drama? She squashes it (and yes, sometimes writes a song about it). She’s above the fray in so many ways, above it because she’s Taylor Swift. Above it because she has no time for the haters, because, well, they are going to hate, hate, hate.

She also brings together people who otherwise would have nothing in common. We find common ground in a positive message, through a catchy song. Little girls looking for a role model have someone to look up to, adults have someone they can respect.

I loved being in this huge arena with all different types of women, different ages, singing our hearts out with Ms. Swift! (Jason Derulo taking his shirt off for an impromptu song didn’t hurt either!)


If you couldn’t make it to her concert, I took a few videos… enjoy!


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