Competition? What competition?

Girl power! Forget the Anchorman brawls filled with tridents and machetes – (for the most part) that’s not true. Especially with our morning crew.


You see, we get up around 2:00 in the morning. That’s right – my alarm goes off when some of you are just putting your sweet little head to the pillow. Us morning reporters/producers/photographers/anchors/etc are zombies most of the time. And yet somehow, we pull off a morning show. It’s that crazy schedule and bizarre business we are in that unites us. So, I have to share with you one of my favorite ‘competitors,’ the sweet Annie Yu of Fox 5. This girl makes me smile every time I see her – even when we are on heartbreaking stories, her early morning hugs and encouraging words help me get through this crazy world.

Maybe that’s why we dressed alike today?! #Twinning

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