Jesse Matthew Indicted on Murder Charges

Today, an arraignment for Jesse Matthew, the man charged in the disappearance of Fairfax County native Hannah Graham, now faces new charges.

Matthew is now charged in the death and 2009 disappearance of Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington.

Morgan’s mom, Gil Harrington, said she’s always known Jesse Matthew was the one who killed her daughter, and that’s why she says she’s never given up hope that justice would be served.

“It’s not bittersweet, it’s odd. How can you celebrate the fact that your daughter was murdered by someone? I mean we’ve known that but it’s not a fact to be celebrated.”

The 20-year-old student disappeared after leaving a concert in Charlottesville. Her remains were later found on a rural farm in Virginia.

Now, Matthew faces first degree murder and abduction with intent to defile in her death.

Earlier this year, Matthew entered an Alford Plea in a 10-year-old assault case in Fairfax County, he will be sentenced for that in October.

Police have long known the cases were connected.

Morgan’s mother has been at every single hearing for Matthew, because she says she wants him to see her face and she wants him to know that she knows. “I sit in the courtroom and I wonder how could this person kill Morgan? How could anyone do that? I don’t know,” says Gil.

“I have no category for him. It really is bewildering to me. I don’t hate him, because to me he is like a different species,” says Gil.

Matthew will be in court today at 12:45 in Albermarle County.

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