Cat Yoga

Yes, you read that correctly. It’s a thing. It’s a real thing. It’s a glorious thing.

DC’s new Cat Cafe, Crumbs & Whiskers, is stepping up their game. Not only can you get coffee and treats when you play with the kitties, you can also get fit – by doing yoga among the fury felines.

I’ve already told you about the cat cafe and all it’s glory, but now there’s even more to write home about.

The cat yoga won’t be happening every day, more like a special event periodically, but when they have it – you better act fast. Not surprisingly, the spots in the sessions fill up very quickly.

If you missed the first Meow-yoga session, here are a few highlights- a few cats decided to lounge on the yoga mats because that’s what they do. That cat bed you have specifically for them? Nope, not good enough. They want to be in the most awkward and inconvenient place. Did the humans disturb the felines? Of course not! They’re not savages! Humans were given replacement mats as to not bother the kitty slumbers.

Another adorable challenge? Yoga *around* the cat. If you are a cat owner you know, they tend to sit on you laptop while you’re working or on your lap in the middle of dinner. Think they’re going to give you the space for downward facing dog? Not likely. Think of it as Twister, but with cats. Way better.

Yoga mats were also turned into scratching pads by some of the cats, but that’s OK, right? You wanted to do your yoga on the carpet anyway.

Owner, Kanchan says initially people were distracted by the cats during yoga, but in the end, Yogis were able to get into the groove and just “be among” the cats. Sounds pretty relaxing to me!

Bonus – post sweat session cuddles with cats! Talk about winding down.


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