Catholic University Scare

Catholic University is opening with a delay of three hours on Wednesday after the campus was put on lockdown for a suspicious person on campus.

A suspicious person was located Tuesday near Catholic University of America after a shelter in place order was issued for the second time in the past few days, the Metropolitan Police Department announced.

According to the university, the suspicious person is not the same person who allegedly approached a custodial worker while armed on campus Monday night. The university issued a shelter in place order after that incident was reported.

Tuesday night’s shelter in place order was issued at around 8:10 p.m. after the MPD saw a person resembling that suspect. However, the university said the person apprehended tonight is not the person from Monday night’s incident and was someone who had “every right to be on campus.”

The university says that they will operate on a three-hour delay Wednesday and classes will start at 11 a.m., with the exception of the law school (which will operate on a regular schedule). Faculty and staff are also required to report at their normal hours.

Counseling Center staff will also be available to students on a walk-in basis.

“I urge you to go about your usual affairs tomorrow – whether it’s teaching or writing papers or studying for exams – knowing that your safety is our highest priority and that we have taken the utmost precautions to ensure it,” John Garvey, Catholic University President said.

Officers closed a couple of streets near the university while they investigated the incident. They have since reopened.

The suspect in Monday night’s incident allegedly wanted to know where the main administration building was.

The university said there were also reports of bomb threats in the Library and O’Connell Hall. Those reports are unfounded and no evacuations have taken place, according to the university.

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