We can dream, right?

Powerball Jackpot number is so big – it won’t fit on the sign!

It’s fun to dream, and for most people, that’s all winning the 1.5 billion dollar Powerball jackpot will be: a dream. But for those dreamers, there’s that one sliver of hope; a chance that it could be them.

“So you’re telling me there’s a chance!” Yes, it’s 1-in-292 million, but there’s still a chance. When the Powerball jackpot is this big, people can’t help but try their luck.

“I’ve never played Powerball before but I thought I would just try it,” says Kim Whittle, a first time lottery player. Even rookies like Whittle say the possibility of 1.5 billion dollars, no matter how far-fetched, is just too sweet to pass up. “I thought about just imagining what I would do with the money and I can’t imagine. It’s just so much money!”

Other players are veterans and came in with a game plan, like Patrick Yopp. “In Virginia, we’ve already bought $50 worth and we bought $20 here. I’m going to Maryland to buy another $50,” says Yopp.

Customers buying tickets at the 7/11 in NW DC

Location is important, and if you’re willing to travel a bit, try Pennsylvania. Over the last 13 years, 16 winning Powerball tickets have been sold in the Keystone state.

How you choose the numbers is also strategic. Of past Powerball winners, 70% of them let the computers choose for them.

“We actually do it random because the statistics say that you can actually win higher,” says Yopp. “I mean I don’t have enough numbers I could actually think of to put up there.”

Strategies and superstitions vary, but we all know how we would spend that money, or at least some of it. “I would give to my community and then I would put up my whole family,” says Darell Shaw. “Everybody homeless would be good, they won’t be sleeping out there in these cold streets.”

“I would help a lot of people out and just retire early,” says Lee Holmes.

“Pay off our house we just bought and take my friends and some of my family’s debt and pay it off,” says Yopp.

And Shaw even promised to remember his WUSA 9 family if he won. “I will give all y’all $50,000!”

Although Shaw is more likely to date a supermodel and I am more likely to be elected president than win the Powerball, statistically speaking, it’s still fun to dream.

The Powerball drawing is Wednesday night at 10:00.

Photographer Kevin King trying his luck. (He promise to share with me if he wins!)



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