Dozens displaced by fire

Dozens of residents are without a place to go Thursday after a fire ripped through the Presidential Court Condos Wednesday night in Adelphi. As investigators try and determine the cause, those who call the condos home, can only wait.

The people who live in the condos still can’t go inside because contractors are assessing the damage, stress-testing the gas line and making sure the electrical works.

Weichun Tang is one of those displaced residents, he was at home when the fire broke out. “So I just grabbed my coat and run outside and I immediately see the huge fire,” says Tang.

Tang is not sure if anything can be salvaged, and he’s not alone. “It really makes me feel awful,” says Deni Taveras, a Prince George’s County Council woman and head of the condo association. “These are people that I care about, these are people that I know.” When she heard about the fire last night, she rushed outside to help. “A lot of the residents stood out there for 4 hours just looking at their belongings go up in smoke. There were people that were without any shoes or socks or anything,” says Taveras. “Imagine for 4 or 5 hours out in the cold.”

Three¬†¬† firefighters and 1 resident were treated for burns and 1 man was hurt when he jumped from a balcony before firefighters arrived. They’re all expected to be OK, as for their homes and belongings, that’s still unknown.

One of the families most affected was out of the country at the time and will likely come home to nothing at all.

Contractors say tenants will likely not be allowed inside until Friday.

Councilwoman Taveras says from 10:00 AM until 6:00 PM displaced residents can stop by the Chillum-Adelphi Fire station #34 in Adelphi on Riggs Road, across from the Tic Toc.

If you would like to make a donation to help the fire victims, you can do so by dropping items off at 1828 Metzerott Road, unit 108. The phone number is 301-434-7123.



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