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2016 D4F WebslideNo, not for cats to wear, although I’m sure Louis V would tell you he loves dressing up. These designs – are for cats really in need. (Sorry Louis!) I’m talking about homeless and feral cats!

Many homeless cats are feral – and are perfectly content living outside, they just need a little help from us ‘hoomans’ during the harsh winter months. That’s where Washington Humane Society’s Community Cat Shelter program – aka – CatNiPP – comes in.

The program provides shelter for DC’s outdoor community cats!


Many cities try to catch outdoor cats and adopt them out to homes. While sometimes that *is* successful, all too often these feral cats are not happy indoors. They prefer to live outside in the wild!

So – Washington Humane Society traps the cats – fixes them – (you know a cat has been fixed by checking their ear: If a cat has a clip in the ear – he’s been altered and is part of the program- and then releases them back into the wild.

There are some exceptions – some cats come into the shelter from outside and would be perfect candidates for adoption, and after a screening process they are placed on the adoption floor to find a good *indoor* home.

The idea behind the program is this: Why trap a cat and kill it just because it wouldn’t be a good house pet? Instead, let’s fix them to help control the homeless cat population, then release them back into the wild where they can do their thing.

Now back to the event: Designs for Felines is a competition among architectural design firms and architecture students put together “cat shelters” and compete for the best one! The designs are then donated for cats to find a safe place during harsh winter months.

I was honored to be a judge this year – and had a pretty difficult time picking out my favorite! In the end – the winner was the most creative – but also the one I thought cats would actually use. The best part? We raised $17,600 for the program!

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A special thanks to Meaghan and Great Day Washington for helping to promote this awesome cause!


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