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Punxsutawney Phil may have been off with his predictions that spring will come early, but you can still get a taste of the blooms thanks to February 14th.

For this warm-weather loving gal, I *need* sunlight and flowers to help my mood. No seriously, I need it. Today, I had the best assignment: I got to hang out at a wholesale flower shop. This is probably one of the only times I’ll be glad to be cold – and that’s because I was smack-dab in the middle of the cooler…where flowers are everywhere, and the smell is intoxicating!

With Valentine’s Day just two days away, the rush is on to get flowers out the door and delivered on time. I got to hang out with the wonderful people at Potomac Floral Wholesale on the eve of one of the busiest weekends of the year.

“It’s always followed by a lot of joy,” says Jeff King with Potomac Wholesale Flowers in Silver Spring. Delivering flowers to the unsuspecting is the best part of Jeff’s job. And he always gets the same response: “Thank you very muchm, are these for me?”

Leading up to Valentine’s Day the folks at Potomac Floral are doing a lot of delivering. “This morning we started at 3:00AM but the last few days we’ve been going 24/7, non-stop,” says King.

“We have roses we have peonies, we have tulips we have hyacinths, you name it, we have it,” says Evan Katzman with Potomac Floral Wholesale.

If you’re looking for flowers, this is the place to be: With thousands of blooms and more than 500 different types to choose from. “A lot of flower shops calling last minute that need some more roses need some more tulips,” says King.

But if you’ve procrastinated, have no fear…there’s still time.
And a bit of advice from the people who know flowers best: “Buy flowers, buy flowers, and buy more flowers,” says King.

Once you do get flowers – taking care of them is important. Potomac Flower recommends filling a vase with room temperature water, cutting off the leaves at the bottom and cut the stems at an angle.



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