Justice Scalia’s death

A sad, but historic day for many in Washington, today. Justice Antonin Scalia died over the weekend of natural causes. My assignment this morning was to stand outside the Supreme Court, where his body will lie in repose. In the beginning, it was mostly just media. We were there waiting for the casket to arrive, waiting for the President to arrive to pay his respects. But then the people came. Dozens of them. Some were mourners, some just wanted to witness something historical – they knew the implications his death will have on our future.


I interviewed a 15-year-old boy, whose mother brought him out to the high court. She said, her son may not understand what he’s seeing today, but he will remember this one day. He’ll know he was there to witness history.

Another spectator came out to show support, she told me Justice Scalia was her favorite justice, she respected his values and says they will be missed on the bench.

Justice Antonin Scalia was 79 years old, and was the longest serving member of SCOTUS. He was known as a ‘conservative warrior,’ and a true believer of the constitution as it was written by the original authors.

Bitter fueds now over who will succeed Scalia – and who will make the nomination.
Many Republicans want the next President to make that decision. And controversy also over President Obama’s decision not to attend the funeral on Saturday.

The President and the first lady will pay their respects Friday at the Supreme Court, while Vice President Biden will attend the funeral in his place.

The public will be able to pay their respects Friday from 10:30 am until 8:00 pm.
His private funeral will be at the Basilica of the National Shrine, where his son will lead mass.




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