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An 84-year-old man celebrates his 21st birthday, a girl and her duck and of course, Leo.

Here are a few of the stories everyone will be talking about at the water cooler today:

It’s Leap Day, but it’s also a special day for those who celebrate a birthday. Like Paul Knebels, who is turning 84-years-old. The Ohio man only gets to celebrate his real birthday every 4 years, so his friends and family threw him a big surprise for his “21st birthday.” Knebels was born on February 29th, 1932.


This might be one of the cutest things you see all day: The story of a girl and her duck. 5-year-old Kylie Brown received an award for being a ‘really super cute pet owner,’ after her story surfaced online. Kylie got a pet duck last year, and ever since then the bond between the two has been unbreakable. “Snowflake” follows Kylie around everywhere, and she says she plans to now teach other kids how to be responsible pet owners, too.

The world needs another selfie stick, right?
Well one group thinks we do, they created an art project and they’re calling it, the “Macbook Selfie Stick.” It looks pretty ridiculous, but it’s not yet available in stores.


The Oscars are a wrap, but everyone is still talking about Leonardo DiCaprio. Yes, he finally won an Oscar, so the jokes and the memes at his expense can finally stop, but the internet won’t let him off that easy. Here’s the perfect example: Leo’s “King of the World” momen on the Titanic, but instead of Kate Winslet, he’s holding the golden statue. leo.JPG

And in this gif, Leo is spinning in Titanic, but once again Kate is replaced with the award.


Then there’s this scene, from Wolf of Walk Street, Leo is dancing his heart out, as Oscars rain down around
We were all rooting for you and celebrating with you, Leo…especially these guys… 

And I just have to say, I am so incredibly obsessed with the friendship between Kate and Leo. Watching them watch each other win awards over the years — it’s just too much. I love it. And last night, watching Kate watch Leo finally win, ugh. My heart can’t go on.





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