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Morgan Freeman channeling Justin Bieber, Trap Queens and Rick Rolling? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

♦♦♦ Let me apologize in advance…this song will now be stuck in your head for the rest of the day.rickrolling.JPG
Drivers in North Carolina who tried scanning fake parking tickets ended up getting “Rick-Rolled.”
The fake tickets in Asheville included a barcode that could be scanned with smartphones – but instead of a citation, they pulled up the 1987 Rick Astley music video.
And that’s called Rick-Rolling.

♦♦♦ Morgan Freeman’s iconic voice is now the soundtrack to a Justin Bieber song.
Here’s a clip of Freeman in a dramatic reading of “Love Yourself.”

Kudos to Vanity Fair for this incredible creation.

♦♦♦ Nancy Reagan is often referred to as the definition of class – and I’ve posted about my love for her before —but a Trap Queen?

I’m not so sure about that.


Fans of the rapper Fetty Wap say she’s “the most famous Trap Queen in American History”…so they started a petition to have the rapper perform at her funeral.

The chances of this happening are slim to none…but there are already more than 17 supporters…and yes, more than 38. In fact, nearly 5,000 people think this is a good idea. (see what I did there?)

A user named David started the petition.

The actual definition of Trap Queen – according to Urban Dictionary – is a witty or street-smart woman, who is loyal and resourceful, sassy and classy.


It’s supposed to be a term of endearment— even Fetty Wap says his mother is a Trap Queen.

Still, I highly doubt that is something Mrs. Reagan would have wanted.


♦♦♦ And now to a different type of music…the one and only DOLLY! Dolly Parton is hitting the road. The 70-year-old country music hall of famer announced her first major north american tour in more than 25 years. The tour will be called “Pure and Simple” and will include 60 cities. Tour dates TBD. And I am SO EXCITED. I just can’t hide it.

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♦♦♦ It’s supposed to be take me out to the ballgame – not take me OUT! A quick-thinking father stepped up to save his son from a painful disaster at spring training.
Shaun Cunningham took his 8 year old son, Landon, the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Atlanta Braves game this weekend.
During the game – Landon took a picture…but while looking at the photo – a bat flew into the stands. The boy’s dad moved fast and blocked the bat just in time.


♦♦♦ A police officer in Alexandria, Virginia went above and beyond the call of duty.
Officer Cynthia Hurley visited a boy whose piggy bank was stolen during a burglary last month – she found a similar one on Ebay and gave it to the boy. Officer Hurley even took up collection and filled the bank with some cash!


♦♦♦ Serial-addicts (like myself) – the next chapter of Adnan Syed story will be released later this year.
The Baltimore man who was the subject of the first ‘Serial’ podcast will have his story told in a new book.
“Adnan’s Story” is due out September 6th. It’s written by Rabia Chaudry, a family friend and staunch supporter of Syed’s. Syed is serving a life sentence for strangling his girlfriend.
And by the way, if you haven’t listened to Serial, get on it. Now.


♦♦♦ And speaking of binge-worthy real-life crime dramas – “Making a Murderer” will also soon be in book form. An attorney featured in the hit Netflix series “Making a Murderer” has more to say about the trial of Steven Avery. Jerome Buting reportedly has a deal with HarperCollins Publishers for a book being released next year.
It will draw on Buting’s 35-year career and criticize the “dysfunction” of the criminal justice system.
Buting was on Stephen Avery’s defense team during the murder trial.


♦♦♦ One dog apparently has learned a new trick: how to drive a semi-truck.
The Mankato Free Press reports customers at a Minnesota gas station saw a golden Labrador retriever appear to drive the semi across a road. A driver jumped into truck to stop it. But he couldn’t stop the cuteness.


♦♦♦ Whiskey is apparently making a comeback, which I’m happy to hear, but my question is, when did it ever go away? The Tennessean.

♦♦♦ And good news for ladies like me with a little more junk in the trunk…Women with big butts are apparently healthier and smarter. Thanks, PureWow. 

♦♦♦ Happy International Women’s Day! 

♦♦♦ In closing, some gorgeous DC sunrise shots, courtesy of Howard Bernstein:


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