Idaho Pastor Shot, Suspect Caught in DC

Pennsylvania Avenue and the sidewalk in front of the White House are closed this morning and will be for quite some time – why? Sources tell me it’s so police can use daylight to comb through the area once again where Kyle Odom allegedly threw items over the fence.

Tourists and commuters are not allowed to cross Pennsylvania Avenue or get near the fence. Although closures in front of the White House are not out of the ordinary, this is different.

“Every once in a while they say, get off the sidewalk,” says one commuter who sees Secret Service police in the area often.

This closure is because of a crime that began in Idaho. Police say 30-year-old Odon shot pastor Tim Remington six times on Sunday. Miraculously, he survived. The bullet stopped a fraction of a millimeter away from his brain. Remington is still in the hospital and heavily sedated, but in stable condition.

After the shooting, police say Odom managed to board a flight in Boise and get all the way to DC, even after a warrant was issued for his arrest. That’s the part that’s concerning to many people. “I just wonder how he was able to get so far without being caught. It’s a little scary,” says a tourist outside the White House.

Odom went to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, where Secret Service Police say he threw several non-hazardous or dangerous items over the fence. That’s when he was arrested and taken into custody. Police have not released a motive for the shooting, but they say Odom apparently sent a letter and a flash drive to his parents that contained his manifesto and his plans to attack the pastor.

Today, police continue to re-trace Odom’s steps before he came to the White House.



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