Most people knew what they were getting into this morning, so they planned ahead…some, WAY ahead. Like Mark Miller, who got to work 2.5 hours early.

metro1.JPGOthers – were left in the dark… like poor Noel Lopez, who had no idea Metro was shut down today. I broke the news to him. He thought I was joking.


Would-be Metro riders opted for buses instead of trains. Actually getting on a bus wasn’t a problem, there were plenty to choose from at the Silver Spring transit center. It was getting through traffic – that proved to be the biggest headache. Trains were delayed by 45 minutes across the DMV.


So we decided to see just how bad the delays were, we hopped on a Metro bus in the middle of rush hour in Silver Spring and went to Franklin Square. This trip would typically take half an hour, took double that. But most people I talked to, said they understood the inconvenience…and wanted their safety to take priority.




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