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♦♦♦ Easter festivities at a mall in Jersey City got off to a rough start. A fistfight erupted at a shopping center between the Easter Bunny and a customer. And of course, it was all caught on camera. In the video, you can see the bunny exchanging punches with customers waiting to have their pictures taken. It’s not clear who or what started the fight.
(Warning: the  video contain some inappropriate language.)


♦♦♦ A big announcement from Apple today: The company will hold their spring press conference where CEO Tim Cook is expected to announce a smaller version of the iPhone and the iPad pro. The new iphone will measure only 4″ and the iPad will come in at just 9.7″.

♦♦♦ A Mississippi woman who lost her hearing after she was involved in an accident can now hear again thanks to a cochlear implant. The first words she heard? From her boyfriend – who asked for her hand in marriage. SO SWEET!

Andrea’s hearing is now fully restored and the wedding is planned for later this year.

♦♦♦ How would your boss feel about you drinking on the job? Probably not too fond of the idea…unless you’re in Chicago. Some companies there are bringing beer into the office. “Power Reviews” has beers on tap during business hours. The CEO says if you offer beer in the office, talent will come and stay, plus, booze stimulates creative thinking. They are just one of 100 Chicago companies using a service called “Crafty.”


♦♦♦ One bartender in New York had a really lucky night over the weekend, thanks to Amy Schumer. Sara Laursen is the bartender at the Hamilton Show on Broadway. She says the comedian left a $1,000 tip on a $77 bill.


“She slipped me the credit card slip that said, “Amy would like you to make sure you got this tip,” says Laursen. “And I looked down and it said $1,000. My heart dropped and I was so speechless!


The last time Schumer was at Hamilton – she left $80 on a $40 tab. After all, Schumer was a bartender herself before hitting it big. She later tweeted: “lots of love to my fellow bartenders and artists. I’m grateful to them and the cast and crew for another great night.”


♦♦♦ An Irish seafood restaurant is dealing with a difficult…but adorable customer, named Sam the sea lion. seal.JPG
Sammy shuffles his way across the street daily for the catch of the day.
Sometimes Sammy’s antics get so out of hand staff have to cut him off and shoo him away with a chair.

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♦♦♦ DC now has two new born baby Eagles! The second eaglet made its way out of its shell early Sunday morning, joining its sibling. The parents, “Mr. President and First Lady,” have been spotted feeding them fish. The eaglets will spend about three months growing bigger and getting brown feathers before they take their first flights. This is the first time bald eagles have hatched at this site since 1947.
The eagles haven’t been named yet – there will be a contest soon to help choose the perfect moniker.


♦♦♦ President Obama is making history as the first US president to visit Cuba since 1928, when Calvin Coolidge was there.

♦♦♦ Happy birthday, Twitter! The company was started 10 years ago today in Australia. The milestone was celebrated with a tweet, of course, a 2-and-a-half-minute thank you note sent out to it’s users around the world.

The ad shows big events twitter helped break – like – in 2009 – when a US airways flight made an emergency landing in the Hudson River, a photo tweeted out was the first from the scene.

And we are taking a look back at some of the biggest moments—like the first Tweet ever—sent out by co-founder Jack Dorsey that said: “just setting up my twttr. ”


What was my first tweet? Something weird about looking for a source on a holistic story I was researching. And I spelled ‘reporter’ wrong. Strange. Here’s the link to find your first tweet: 


Also today – when you click the HEART button on Twitter – it explodes into confetti.

#LoveTwitter is trending, and people are sharing their stories about why they love twitter.
Here’s one of my favorites:


Some 500 million tweets are sent out each day. The number of active Tweeters is 320 million.


♦♦♦ There’s a robot at your door…and it’s delivering pizza. Domino’s just unveiled its Domino’s Robotic Unit, or DRU as they call it. The droid uses software to navigate sidewalks to deliver pizza to your doorstep. It’s still in testing mode now, but the first official delivery will take place in New Zealand because they get everything awesome.