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Pray for Brussels


When I was at work on Tuesday morning, I saw the breaking news alert: “Explosion in Brussels airport.”

Unfortunately, I knew right away. This was a terrorist attack.

Covering it in the newsroom, we often go into auto-pilot…that’s exactly what our  morning team did.

It only got worse. Nearly 3-dozen dead.

belgium embassy_1458670016734_1124856_ver1.0.jpg

I went to the Embassy of Belgium and interviewed the Ambassador, and watched as they lowered their flags to half staff.

The Ambassador of Belgium, who just returned from a trip to Brussels Monday, says they are reviewing security at the embassy and working with the State Department to determine if extra security is needed.


“It’s been a very troubling day for us,” Ambassador Johan Verbeke said.

Ambassador Verbeke spoke outside the embassy Tuesday.

He said security was already high, with extra military and an increased terror alert. The ambassador also said they knew the airport was a potential target, especially given the arrest last week of the suspect in the Paris attacks, Salah Abdeslam.

“We have been working like hell all over the weekend like hell day and night,” Verbeke said.

Though it still wasn’t enough to stop the attacks.

“I would like to stress that no country, no city is immune to this kind of things,” Verbeke said. “This will be overcome of course. We are resilient people.”

The ambassador said his son is in Brussels and was next to the metro at the time of the explosion. He is safe and he said people there are staying inside and reflecting.



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